The National Club Operations Council (NACOC) of the South Caribbean Conference (SCC) of S.D.A’s Youth Department hosted its Annual Adventurer Fair from March 22 to 24, 2024 at the Princess Town West Secondary School Trinidad W.I. The theme was “Animals Teach Us” which focused on biblical lessons from stories with animals.

This Fair was momentous for the Youth Department as it marked the resumption of one of the major in person events since the COVID-19 pandemic. The event mustered eleven (11) participating uniform districts, from which more than six hundred (600) persons including adventurers, club leaders and parents within the SCC engaged in the weekend’s activities. The Adventurer Fair experience comprised events such as memory gem, chorale speaking, bible quiz, storytelling, living bible, group song, sports and a live petting zoo among others.

For more Highlights, check out our album on Flickr! Be sure to leave a like and comment if you see yourself, your club or your district!

The National Club Operations Council is grateful for the support from the various clubs, parents and SCC and we look forward to everyone’s continued support in 2024.

Salvation and Service.