Master Guide

The Master Guide (MG) curriculum is one of the leadership programs that the South Caribbean Conference Youth Ministries Department uses to train people for youth leadership. It is the “Ph.D.” of youth ministry in the field. You cannot earn your Master Guide without taking at least one Basic Staff Training (BST) course.

The Master Guide is the expert, the advisor, the promoter for Adventurers and Pathfinders. As such, MG is NOT a Pathfinder program, it is a Youth Ministry Leadership Program.

This continues to be the highest level of leadership within the Adventurer/ Pathfinder programs of the church. It focuses on one’s personal spiritual life and growth first and foremost. General leadership skills are then woven into the sharpening of those skills, which are specifically geared to leading youth in God-ordained areas of development: understanding God’s world of nature, outreach ministry, service to others and a life-style that denotes healthy living.


The objectives of this Master Guide Club focus on leadership development and outreach. The members of the Club wholeheartedly commit to pursuing the following objectives:

  • Worship God joyfully and reverently
  • Provide Biblical, Christ-centered teaching that encourages hearers to serve and honor God in all aspect of life
  • Develop the capabilities needed to increase Adventure, Pathfinder, Youth, and other church ministries in their work productivity; with quality, compassion and effectiveness
  • Identify and improve leadership styles; formulate and implement effective leadership strategies
  • Become more confident as a leader; learn how to effectively connect with people, develop the ability to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Learn, implement and promote a plant-based healthy lifestyle; focusing on the fundamental role that nutrition and unprocessed foods play in disease recovery and prevention
  • Participate in conference-sponsored events.
Master Guide

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