From December 1-3, 2023, the Pathfinder and Adventist Youth (AY) leaders converged at Balandra for it first Qaudrennium Summit. Pastor Rickie Ramgoolie kicked off the event with a mesmerizing sunset worship, setting the tone for a weekend of inspiration and collaboration.

The schedule featured engaging sessions, including discussions on organizational structures, the selection of district representatives, and a comprehensive exploration of AY roles and functions. Pastor Ramgooglie led a spirited Sabbath morning devotion, followed by practical insights on website utilization by Bryon Hunte and leadership influence by Samuel Ellis.

The Sabbath afternoon delved into essential topics such as maximizing meetings, ethical leadership, and planning AY programs for first-time leaders. The summit concluded with a rich array of activities, fostering camaraderie and shared vision. This gathering not only fortified leadership skills but also laid the groundwork for a dynamic year ahead in youth ministries.